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Unpoetic Reality

Concept and choreography: Maria Rutanen                

Sound: Ulf Langheinrich, B

Premiere: 10/6 Ada studio 2017

Online 2021 

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland 

Thanks to Gabi Beier/ Ada studio, Yannis Karalis

photo: Alex Zampini

Unpoetic reality is a solo work, an investigation of everyday life and how everyday manifests in us. Fragmented body movements in linear pathways put the body in constant motion without advancing anywhere. It questions our relation to thinking of the time and compulsive pursuit to achieve something, which seems to be unachievable by addressing a question to itself: where are we going if there’s nowhere to go?


In the Finnish dictionary, there are many synonyms for everyday. They all are quite gloomy: unpoetic, without jewelry, void, monotone, grey, worn, unsophisticated. Our language gives an impression that everyday life is something we are just tolerating, but still the most of our lives we spend in this everyday life. Through Heidegger’s phenomenology and Buddhist philosophy, Unpoetic reality examines the meaning of “doing nothing” as an experience of boredom or content. 

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