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A Body as
A researcher

I am intrigued in somatic approaches in the choreographic processes and how a shared experience arises between the performer and the viewer, whereby inter-subjective experiences are transmitted through many micro-movements at deeper levels. 


I work on ecological topics and touch-based practices, through which I examine relationality of more than being a human and being human, also as an experiencer and embodiment of ecological anxiety and ecological enchantment. 


I pursue the work as the entrance to a somatic journey, a threshold to the experience of liminality, transformation and commonalities, where the body's subtleties, tragedies, desires, predicament, rapture and inexplicability are in conversation. 


I think of touch as an opportunity to create a more egalitarian way of being with all kinds, touch's ability to increase empathy and create equality. I examine the experience of empathy through corporeality and how empathy can be cultivated via kinesthetic thinking.

Maria is a performer, choreographer and teacher. Her choreographic and movement practice is intertwined between various techniques as somatic body-based practices, Body-Mind Centering, instant composition and contact improvisation. She holds MA in Choreography at Inter-University for dance HZT Berlin. 

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