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A Body as
A researcher

I am intrigued in somatic approaches in the choreographic processes and how a shared experience arises between the performer and the viewer, whereby inter-subjective experiences are transmitted through many micro-movements at deeper levels. 


I am working on ecological themes related to more than being a human, and being human, as an embodiment of ecological anxiety and ecological enchantment. Currently my work investigates a human relation to non-human beings, dealing with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic tendencies arising questions on otherness and inter-beingness. I examine the experience of empathy through bodily understanding and how empathy can be cultivated via corporeality and as a possible treatment or way to processing the global crises. I explore imagination and daydreaming in relation to how realities are embodied and manifested, a maladaptive existence emerged into the coping strategies that contribute to a liminal space, where body's subtleties, tragedies, and desires, predicaments, rapture, fragility and inexplicability are in conversation. The work seeks a state, in which the melancholic beauty can be embodied and expressed. It is an entrance to a haptic eco somatic trip via corporeality, imagination and sound. Through thinking processes, the research is inspired by posthumanist, phenomenological, feminist and kinesthetic thinking. 


Maria is a performer, choreographer and researcher. Her choreographic and movement practice is intertwined between various techniques as somatic body-based practices, release technique, instant composition and contact improvisation. She has been sharing her teaching internationally as in India and Iran. She holds MA in Choreography at Inter-University for dance HZT Berlin. She collaborates with her peers and with musicians in choreographic and instant composition work. At the moment she is developing her sound making skills into composing her own soundscapes and is creating film work. She is a Finnish born and based in between Berlin and Helsinki. 

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