The Rooms is a piece about shared common experience on privacy in our culture. It questions the notion of home and on going gentrification, when people are desperately searching for a space to inhabit, to be alone and to be together, that could answer the question of meaning about being at home.

Choreography and concept: Maria Rutanen

Performance: Rocio Marano and Maria Rutanen

Sound: Electronic Traffic

Nah Dran, Ada studio

Thanks to Gabi Beier/Ada Studio

Berlin 2015

Link trailer: https://www.tanzforumberlin.de/en/production/the-rooms/
Review Ada studio writer: https://ada-studio.jimdofree.com/studioschreiber-texte/studioschreiber-texte-2015-16/text-2-2015-16/

photo: Alex Zampini