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Temple of sun

Choreographie and concept: 

Maria Rutanen and Marie Baumgarten


Alejandra Alarcón, Hsin-Ying Ho 


Supported by Inter-University for dance HZT,

Technische Universität Berlin TU and Bauhaus Dessau. 


BauHausFest 2018 Dessau

The Temple of the Sun is an installation and interactive performance, where the public can participate in the worship of the sun by lying on a plastic mat, listen to the sound of the waves and laughter in a brightly lit temple made of plastic. The sound of the beach and ocean turns into the sound of melting glaciers and fire, while temple deities hand out melting ice cubes as offerings. The work juxtapositions the ancient cultures of worship and the worship of the sun in modern western culture. It questions the cultural behavior of worship, that contributes to ecological crisis and creates devastating side effects for the environment.

photos: Evgenia Chetvertkova

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