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Work by

Maria Rutanen 

Marie Baumgarten 

Mila Jovic

Supported by Inter-University for dance Berlin HZT, Technische Universität Berlin TU and Bauhaus Dessau. 


BauHausFest 2018 Dessau

Standard is an installation and performance made to Bauhaus in Dessau. The work questions standardized architectural choices, where regularity in rhythm, size and symmetry are predominantly present. The installation is made in collaboration with a choreographer Maria Rutanen, an architect Mila Jovic and theatre director Marie Baumgarten.


The work deals with the body and space as a living mass of various shapes rather than certain dimensions that we know as a normative standardized forms. The installation is reconstructed and modified as the body is reshaped and deformed as going through a non-standardized processes.

photos: Lars Bösch

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