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Choreography and concept:

Maria Rutanen

Performance and co-creation: 

Adaya Berkovich, Eli Cohen, Olivia McGregor

Composition, microtonal tuba and live electronics:

Robin Hayward

Lights and technical support:

Andreas Harder

Dramaturgical mentoring:

Matan Zamir

Choreographic assistance:

Akemi Nagao

21.-22.6.2019. Uferstudios, studio 14 Berlin

Potsdamer Tanztage festival 2019 Potsdam


Supported by Deutsches Bühnenverein Landesverband Berlin and Inter-University for dance Berlin HZT


Length: 50 min.

All matter has its pulsing movement, the vibration is everywhere. According to some theorists the Big Bang was simply the beginning of a period of an expansion that followed a period of contraction. Motion is in every atom, cells, stones, waters, planets and universe. It is a process of the whole body goes through from the moment of birth until the moment of death. 


Oscillate is a trip into a shivering space, where the expansion of sound and the contraction of muscles, either voluntary or involuntary, fluctuate like the breath. The pulse throbs in all of us, simultaneously, in different rhythms, emerging into the state of emptiness between melancholy and bliss.

Photos: Paula Surraco


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