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My Body's Ocean/ hydrocommons

“MY BODY’S OCEAN” is a research project on water and fluids, which attach us to our environment. Through bodies of water, research approaches inter-species relations and, in particular, the embodiment of marine mammals. It looks at the water element, marine life, ocean disasters, and noise pollution as a shared experience, as we all come from a source of water. The work examines empathic experiences of bodies and how, through empathy, bodily practices, and imagination, we can embody non-human beings, allowing us to navigate our existence as part of an ecosystem in different ways.

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 10.19.40 PM.png

moving slow#research#wet matter#my body's ocean#spiraling# permeability#splashing around on earth#sounding whales#pulsing#

Due to quality of sound is recommended to use headphones while watching the videos.


Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Residency Villa Karo Finnish West African culture centre. Grand Popo, Benin

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