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Fragments of the ocean


Concept and artistic direction:

Maria Rutanen

Performance and co-creation: 

Joséphine Auffray, Dina Sennhauser, Maria Rutanen


Maria Rutanen and Joséphine Auffray


Lars Bösch

9.9.23 Floating University Berlin

in collaboration with Netzwerk Klima/Krise/Klitoris supported by Fonds Darstellen Künste, Prozessförderung

photo@Marie Baumgarten

"Invertebrates, gelatine textures, predators, hydrothermal vents, noise pollution, melting glaciers, plastic bags, sinking, undulating, bonding, squirting, holding the breath, hallucinating, weeping with whales, free falling from the surface into depths, floating the past 500 million years, MORE PEOPLE HAVE WALKED IN THE MOON THAN IN OUR DEEPEST OCEAN. 

FRAGMENTS OF THE OCEAN IS A PERFORMANCE MADE FOR URBAN WATERSCAPES. It takes the audience on a somatic-sensory journey, wading through wetlands, diving from the surface to the bodily and watery depths, from light to dark. The work highlights the diversity, similarity and unknown of marine life and the human need to experience becoming breathless, a drop in the sea. The layers of the sea are explored by embodying marine life, the textures of the water within ourselves, straining through noise pollution, vocalizing with whales and mourning those we have lost in the sea, of all kinds.

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