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Choreography and concept:

Maria Rutanen

Performance and co-creation:                        

Anni Lattunen, Sara Paternesi, Sami Similä


Marcello Lussana

Lights and technical support:

Andreas Harder

Text assistant:

Vinski Valos


Shows: 7.-8.7.2018 Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin

 in open space, Potsdamer Tanztage 2018 Potsdam


Support by Inter-University for dance Berlin HZT and Kulturbüro Förderband e.V


Length: 45 min. 

If life never flows straight ahead….


The circle is a geometric form that exists everywhere. The cycle of natural life is an endless circle. Things are born: they live, they die, they repeat. The liquid becomes solid and the solid becomes liquid. Endless is specifically made for an old water reservoir in Berlin, that is a circular space. The audience can walk around and follow the performers, allowing the performance to take place in all directions. 

The work approaches circles from different perspectives, when compulsive or liberating experiences, or virtuous or vicious circles occur 


In an old water reservoir, the recitation of continuous mantras turns into rhythmic rapping and hugging into wrestling. Sound and bodies move in the loops between stagnation and enchantment. 

photos: Roberto Duarte


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