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Concept, choreography, performance:

Maria Rutanen

Co-creation, performance:

Valentina Menz

Music, cello:

Gábor Hártyani


11.9.22 Soundance festival Berlin 2022, Dock 11

2.9.22 Chileanconexion festival, Monopol, Berlin

Supported by the soundance festival berlin 2022 is a project of b.arts.u – berlin arts united gUG in co-production with DOCK ART.

Length: 55 min. 

Consolation is a work that explores, through intimacy, sensitivity, and kinesthetic empathy, how the body consoles the other body. It delves into the experience of a shared sensitization of bodies. Bodies sway, rock, hold, and carry each other as a driving force for movement. Intertwined, they orbit around each other. In consolation, the body becomes fragile, exhausted, and enchanted. The work examines caring touch, lamentations, pulsating movement, melancholic melodies, and the tradition of weeping women as possible ways of sharing grief.

photos@Dieter Hartwig 

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