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The Rroots project/Maya

The Rroots is an interdisciplinary art project crowdfunded and realized in South America and Berlin. It is a collaboration between musician and film maker Alex Zampini and dancer and performer Maria Rutanen. The work concept was initiated and part of the project was researched in collaboration with Belgium based artist duo Rebecca Fernandes Lopez and Antoine Dutrieu known as a Weave-team. The project investigates invisibility and things which are overlooked and forgotten. Through the artistic encounters with local artists and the exploration of local traditions the project looks at invisibility from different perspectives. The research project travels through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru by making a performance in an urban space in Buenos Aires. Having a layover in an Argentinian permaculture farm, that stands next to "hidden food industry", a slaughterhouse and pesticide-treated soya and corn fields. In Peru and Bolivia researching about old Inca culture and local traditions through ceremonial rituals. Entering into invisible inner spheres with local medicine plants. Sharing a movement workshop within the theme of “journey to unknown”. The Project is an amalgam of photography, film art, and site specific performances. Maya is a performance combining movement, live music, and visuals. Maya was realized in Berlin as a final project of Rroots journey. The Rroots project is supported by Kisskissbankbank in 2015.

PHOTOS: Alex Zampini 2015

SERPENTINE: chronicles from the underworld

Film: Alex Zampini
Dance: Maria Rutanen
Music: Hernan Cassiodoro, Jazmìn Ortiz Ares
Editing: Alex Zampini

Length: 02:27

2015 Buenos Aires

MAYA trailer

Concept, performance, choreography: Maria Rutanen

Concept, live music, video installation: Alex Zampini

Tech Residency, Lake Studios Berlin 2015

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